17 companies with a great corporate culture and offering remote work setups

Flexjobs identifies the best companies for working from home as well as the red flags leaders need to know about a toxic work environment.

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With many companies – and by extension employees – still grappling with the fallout of the Great Resignation, many companies have begun to offer remote work as the default option for those looking to change or find a job. FlexJobs, a job search site, compiled a list of 17 companies who are known for their great company culture, but also offer remote working as an option for potential new hires.

Companies with both telecommuting and a strong culture

FlexJobs compiled the list by comparing Comparatively, list of the best global corporate culture 2022 to the FlexJobs database and identifying the top 20 great companies with great company culture. The job search site found that 62% of employees surveyed quitting due to a toxic company culture, it had become a top priority for the workforce alongside the ability to work remotely.

The list of companies with a great culture and remote work opportunities is as follows:

  1. Google
  2. HubSpot
  3. Elsevier
  4. RingCentral
  5. Experian
  6. Adobe
  7. taskus
  8. ADP
  9. UiPath
  10. DXC Technology
  11. Sitel Group
  12. Medals
  13. Seen
  14. guide wire
  15. Calix
  16. Everbridge
  17. Wise

While some in the tech industry would love to work for Google, it’s not always doable. Luckily, the openings in these companies range from talent acquisition responsibilities to finance and even healthcare as a role. A May 2022 study found that many employees are tired of having an imbalance between work and family, and that 60% of employees would leave their current job if a position with a remote opportunity presented itself.

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Identify toxic work environments

Along the same lines, FlexJobs also shared red flags to be aware of when it comes to identifying harmful workplaces. Many of these warning signs are due to a lack of consistent communication from leadership as well as unfair or unbalanced policies for different employees.

  • Hybrid and remote work policies are unclear
  • Only entry-level or intermediate employees are aloof or hybrid
  • Communication tools are not streamlined
  • Celebrations only take place at the office
  • Remote and hybrid employees are always out of the loop
  • Meetings only take place when convenient for in-person staff
  • Important information is not easily accessible
  • Career paths for remote or hybrid employees are unclear
  • The company does not provide the right tools for remote or hybrid employees
  • The remote or hybrid work policy is talking about it

Employees still hold a lot of power due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the layoffs that have taken place, as well as the Great Resignation. This has left many companies scrambling to fill open positions for some time now, so it’s important that job seekers’ basic requirements for a position match what a company offers and the opportunities that are available. .

For businesses, it’s more important than ever to communicate with employees about their personal needs and wants if they want to retain some of their workforce. Ignoring the red flags listed above could be the difference between having a successful work environment and one that potential employees actively avoid.

Helen D. Jessen