A new festival shines a light on the food culture of Romania’s famed Transylvania region

Local chefs, restaurateurs and producers will gather next month in Harghita County for an event aimed at putting Transylvania’s food culture on the international gastronomic map. Called “Taste of Transylvania”, the festival aims to open a new chapter in local culinary culture and promote the tastes, aromas and dishes of this famous region of Romania.

The festival, scheduled for October 7-9, will take place in one of the most beautiful destinations in Transylvania, the Boroș holiday village in Harghita, where tourists and participants also have accommodation options. Boroș consists of 14 restored traditional houses where tourists can stay. There is also a barn prepared for events, a covered terrace, a watermill and a chapel.

In addition to the gastronomic activity programme, the festival will also welcome a series of special guests from Hungary and Romania, industry professionals such as Chef Andrei Chelaru, Chef Mihai Toader, Chef Alex Petricean, András Jókuti , Zsófi Mautner, Lajos Bíró, Szabolcs Szabadfi, David Pallag and Szilard Tóth.

The event is organized with the support of the Pro Economica Foundation. More details are available here.

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(Photo source: Calin Stan/Dreamstime.com)

Helen D. Jessen