Andrew Tate SLAMS woke culture, says ‘traditional male values’ are reason he’s banned from social media

Andrew Tate has made too many controversial statements about women during his time online and has garnered a lot of attention from people around the world.

Of course, this did not go unnoticed. People worry about what is “served” on the Internet. And as it grew in popularity, something “had to” be done.

Andrew Tate SLAMS woke culture, says ‘traditional male values’ are reason he’s banned from social media

As a result, all of the social media platforms where Tate was gaining popularity decided to shut him down immediately. Tate received a ban from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Twitch for violating their policies almost simultaneously. Currently, there is no information on how and who initiated the ban. However, there are rumors that several feminist organizations have called for her silence and removal from the spotlight.

We didn’t hear or see Tate until his recent appearance on “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation. During the interview, Andrew Tate spoke in a tone that doesn’t match his “alpha” personality. During the interview, Tate claimed that the mainstream media banned him because he promoted basic “traditional male values”.
“They banned me just because I had large swathes of the population that accepted very traditional male values.” – Andrew explained to Tucker Carlson.

“I live a very traditionally male life.” – he adds. “I have fast cars and a big house and lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend, and they thought it was very, very threatening. And for some reason they decided it was best to wipe me out of the internet and replace me with someone who is more in tune with what they are trying to offer.

Both Facebook and Instagram have permanently banned Tate’s accounts and deleted all of his posts on the grounds that he violated their company’s policies on “dangerous organizations and individuals”. YouTube, the platform on which he had monetized his videos followed. They permanently suspended Tate’s channel, TateSpeech, on the grounds that it violated their guidelines and terms of service.

Tate is 35 and shot to fame after appearing on the reality show Big Brother. Even then, people who watch the show label him as someone who behaves in a misogynistic and abusive manner. After Big Brother appeared, it seems that Tate was constantly on an upward streak in his career. He used to make most of his money running “sex cam” websites on the internet, and recently he has gained popularity on the internet thanks to his controversial videos. It also fueled his businesses.

Throughout her time on the internet, Tate has made “nasty” comments about women in general. Among the most controversial statements we choose his comparison of women with dogs, his statements about why women should not be allowed to drive, and finally his most famous – that women should take responsibility for being rape victims.
“If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you have to take some responsibility.” – Tate’s tweet from 2017 reads. “I’m not saying it’s okay that you were raped. No woman should be abused despite everything. However, with sexual assaults, they want to blame whoever the victim is.

Among other things, Tate detailed how he would assault a woman if he caught her cheating on him. He says he would “cut her off” and “leave her there on the floor”. And he’s no stranger to assaults on women, either. One of her employees in the webcam service claims that she and her colleagues are victims of violence. She claimed he hit her and she reported it to the authorities. However, he managed to “get away with it”.

Additionally, Tate once revealed that he allegedly broke a woman’s jaw during a bar fight. He confessed that somehow he got away with it and gave no further details about it.
In addition to all the above, Andrew once gave his opinion on the age preference for girls he dates. He says he’d rather date an 18-year-old girl than a woman in her 20s or late 20s for one simple reason – “they’ve been through less dick.”

Over time, more and more stories about Tate emerge. According to The Guardian, an investigation is underway into Tate investigating his alleged involvement in human trafficking. These allegations have received a total denial from the ex-kick boxer.

Many times we can hear about why Andrew Tate left the UK for Romania. In a Guardian report, he said he did it because he wanted to be free.

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of ​​being able to do whatever I want. I like to be free.” Tate says he doesn’t just criticize women. He says he also regularly criticizes men. However, we don’t hear these sides of the story because “they ignore them. ” for some reason.

“What happens is when I say these things, they ignore 95% of what I say.” – said Tate. “They ignore me saying avoid bad quality men. And they take the side where I say, ‘Avoid women who are dishonest’. And then they put it on a reel – a very short of three or four seconds – and then they say I’m a misogynist and I’m dangerous to women and they have to ban me.

Helen D. Jessen