Atishi highlights PAA governance model in speech at UN

Delhi government charges highest electricity tariffs and has blocked all central government programs: Bidhuri

Delhi government charges highest electricity tariffs and has blocked all central government programs: Bidhuri

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Friday on the achievements of the Delhi government, AAP Kalkaji MLA Atishi said that the AAP Delhi government has achieved egalitarian development keeping in mind the factors of sustainability and fiscal prudence .

Challenging her claims in the UNGA speech, Delhi Assembly Opposition Leader Ramvir Singh Bidhuri challenged Ms Atishi to a debate on what the AAP Delhi government claimed to have delivered and the reality on the ground .

“Honest and Committed”

“Since the early 1990s there has been a growing belief that providing education, health care, water and electricity to all citizens is far too expensive, so governments, in particularly in the developing world, have begun to withdraw from services,” Ms. Atishi said in her remarks. She then sought to highlight how, over the past seven years, the Delhi government has overturned this conventional wisdom on the basis of its “honest and committed work”.

“In a city of 30 million people, we’ve shown we can do both: deliver high-quality public services while running a fiscally responsible government. We now have 24/7 electricity and more than 1,500 residential areas in Delhi are supplied with piped water for the first time,” she added.

“Government schools have performed better than private schools over the past five years and Mohalla clinics provide free healthcare to citizens at low cost to government,” she also said.

Congratulating Atishi on his speech at the UNGA, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said it was a proud moment for the country.

The challenges of the opposition

Objecting to the statements of the MP for Kalkaji, Mr. Bidhuri said, “Ms. Atishi did not even get the actual population of the capital during her speech. And as for the claims in her speech, I challenge her to a debate about the reality of those promises.

“Delhi charges the highest electricity tariffs in the country – for both domestic and commercial consumers – and has prevented all central government social measures from reaching the citizens of the capital,” he added.

Helen D. Jessen