Bitcoin Education is launched for 40 high schools in Argentina

The Schools and Bitcoin project in Argentina aims to educate high school students on the importance of Bitcoin starting with 4,000 students in 40 schools.

  • Bitcoin high school education is launched in Argentina with the Schools and Bitcoin project.
  • The program will start with 40 schools and nearly 4,000 students are expected to participate.
  • Argentina has suffered from hyperinflation which made the country the second country to adopt cryptocurrency in Latin America.

Bitcoin Education Launches for High School Students in Argentina, Bloomberg Lína Report Says.

A non-governmental organization by the name of Bitcoin Argentina has partnered with Built With Bitcoin to educate students about Bitcoin. The program named Schools and Bitcoin will include students from 40 different schools.

Jimena Valone, Institutional Development Coordinator for Bitcoin Argentina and Schools and Bitcoin Project Manager, said: “There is a desire to innovate, to know what is happening with Bitcoin and blockchain, to train and learn “.

Valone went on to explain, “All of this was the starting point to start thinking about the project, which is starting with 40 schools, but we hope to have a large number. It is designed to serve more and more diverse educational institutions, characteristics and regions.

A report by Chainalysis shows that Argentina is ranked second in Latin America for cryptocurrency adoption, after Venezuela. Argentina also ranks tenth in the world. The various regions of Argentina will be represented by the 4,000 students expected to participate in the program.

“The content used will be varied, changing with each school. Argentina is a diverse country, so it is necessary to think about each context when introducing the material,” said Valone.

In April, Reuters reported that Argentina was experiencing an inflation rate of over 55%, and in 2019 a policy was imposed on Argentine citizens that limited the amount of pesos that could be exchanged for US dollars ($200 per month).

Valone addressed the issues of runaway inflation and centralized monetary measures saying:

“Decentralized finance has benefits and advantages that go beyond the macroeconomic situation of a region, such as Argentina and inflation. Financial independence, for example, is one such benefit. Finance is inherent in life.

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Helen D. Jessen