Boosting Innovation: The Culture Reset and Part…

Keeping pace with cultural changes and technological transformations is a major challenge facing banks today, especially as they attempt to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Banks must ensure that technology does not overwhelm their ability to leverage its value, which requires a significant cultural shift in employee mindset. As heavily regulated entities charged primarily with protecting customer data and finances, there is an understandably deep caution at certain levels of banks, which slows the pace of innovation.

As financial services become more competitive and interconnected, thanks to regulations such as open banking, incumbents need to capitalize on the technology and expertise available in the wider ecosystem, establishing new partnerships to offer innovative products to their customers.

Register for this Finextra webinar, in association with WSO2, to join the panel of industry experts who will discuss the following areas:

  • How should banks categorize and define the types of products they want to improve/build?
  • How should banks innovate without compromising security?
  • Should banks prioritize creating fully digital “visionary” products, or should they focus on improving their existing product offering?
  • Why does the cultural mindset within financial institutions have such a strong influence on their approach to building products? How to solve this problem ?
  • What impact does the cultural mindset towards innovation have on a bank’s ability to find and retain talent?
  • What impact should the new financial services ecosystem have on banks’ approach to creating new products? Does the partnership play a significant role in this ecosystem?


  • Jane Cooper – Researcher, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Seshika Fernando – Vice President and General Manager of BFSI Practice, WSO2
  • Jason Maud – Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

Helen D. Jessen