British Ambassador recites poems by Eminescu on Romanian Culture Day

British Ambassador to Romania Paul Brummel recited two poems by Mihai Eminescu to mark Romanian Culture Day on January 15. The embassy posted the videos on Youtube and Facebook.

The ambassador traveled to Ipotesti, the village where Eminescu was born, and stood by the lake which inspired the Romanian poet to write one of his romantic poems called Lacul (The Lake).

“January 15 is Romanian Culture Day. It is the birth date of Mihai Eminescu, Romania’s greatest poet and we are here in the northeast of Romania, just outside the village of Ipotesti, where Eminescu spent part of his childhood. And it is the lake known as the Lake of the Water Lilies that is said to have inspired one of Eminescu’s most famous poems, ‘Lacul’ (‘The Lake’),’ Paul Brummel said in an introduction to the video. published on Youtube.

“It’s a romantic poem, it’s a poem about a young man who dreams at the edge of a lake, he dreams of a beautiful young woman who appears to him outside the lake. The poem is set in summer and is about yellow water lilies. There are no water lilies now, there is a scene of white behind me but it is still a very beautiful scene,” he explained before reading the poem.

In another video released by the British Embassy on Friday, the ambassador recites Eminescu’s poem La Steaua (at the star).

Last year, Ambassador Brummel also marked Romanian Culture Day by reading Mihai Eminescu’s book Scrisoarea I (The First Letter).

Paul Brummel is not the first British ambassador captivated by Eminescu’s poetry. His predecessor, Martin Harris also used to mark Eminescu’s birthday by reading one of his poems. Here he is in 2013 reading the famous poem Revedere (Return).

During the last years of his stay in Romania, Ambassador Martin Harris ended his speeches at important conferences where he was invited by reciting another of Eminescu’s great poems, Tie Ce-ti Doresc Eu, Dulce Romania (What I wish you, dear Romania).

Mihai Eminescu, born on January 15, 1850 in the village of Ipotesti, near Botosani, in northeastern Romania, is considered the greatest Romanian poet. He was also a novelist and an important journalist of his time. To honor his memory, Romania celebrates the National Day of Culture on January 15.

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