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The following guides have been developed in line with UNICEF’s commitment to support Ministries of Education and education decision-makers to effectively monitor the status and implementation of teaching and learning. learning, including in emergency situations:

  1. Conceptual Framework for Monitoring Blended Learning Delivery for Long-Term System Strengthening and Resilient Education Systems
  2. Operational guide for monitoring blended learning delivery towards long-term system strengthening and resilient education systems
  3. Hybrid Learning Monitoring: A Short Guide
  4. Monitoring distance learning during school closures (through household surveys)

Monitoring distance and blended learning is a hugely important task that helps to better understand what works and what doesn’t in education. It generates learning and allows future initiatives to be adapted to ensure that all children are reached.

Given limited financial resources, tracking can help decision-makers identify cost-effective approaches to distance and blended learning. A key next step for these resources is to pilot the conceptual framework in a small number of countries.


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Helen D. Jessen