Caleido Days celebrates Roma culture in Ferentari

The Caleido Days festival celebrates cultural diversity, with a focus on Roma culture, through a series of artistic events that will take place from August 25 to 28 in Ferentari Square, Bucharest.

Aimed at all residents of Bucharest who want to know the authentic reality and diversity of Roma culture, as well as all members of the local community, the event aims to increase social cohesion in Ferentari.

“The programs we have carried out in Ferentari over the years have had visible effects in improving the quality of life for children and adults. At the same time, they have also helped us see the people here better. and the difficulties they face on a daily basis,” says Ion Borșan, President of the Amfiteatru Foundation, organizer of the event.

“This year’s events have been designed to bring together the people of Ferentari and those outside the community who love Roma culture, to build bridges and collaborations between them.

There is real pride in what people have accomplished here in recent years, from constructive dialogue with the authorities, to overcoming stereotypes, and to the affirmation of young people on the major national and international stages.

All these hundreds of hours of work are based on a dream, a passion and a belief in a better future.”

Over the four days, the public will have the chance to take part in workshops on the themes of photography, dance, painting, theatre, crafts, civic education and history. , and will be invited to be part of the audience of live performances such as theater performances and concerts.

Concerts will be given by Taraf de la Vărbilău and Tanti Mioara, one of the few female lutenists in Romania, Johny Romano, a unique artist who combines rap and lute music, and young artists Niko G. and Kali (Nicoleta Ghiță and Mihaela Drăgan), authors of the first feminist trap album in Romania, Tehno-Vrăjitoarele (The Techno-Witches), which tackles anti-a mix of personal and social themes, with DJ Aldessa and DJ Skiller.

Alina Șerban, actress, playwright, screenwriter and first director of Roma theater and cinema in Romania, will be present at Caleido Days with her autobiographical performance The best child in the world, the story of a young Roma girl who, from an early age, learns about the different ways people are treated based on their race and social status, and the ugliness attached to it, but manages to break through a path in life, transforming difficulties into determination and motivation.

The performance will be followed by the screening of the short film directed by Alina Șerban, Forgiveness letterthe first film about Roma slavery made from a Roma perspective, which won a special mention at the Transilvania International Film Festival.

Katia Pascariu, the Romanian actress on the New York Times Best Actors of 2021 list, comes to Caleido Days with a show about the communication gap between children and their parents and teachers, Bad kids.

The Caleido Days program also includes productions from Studio Ferentari, such as Schoolyard storiesa show created with young people from the Ferentari district, on their personal stories.

Aldessa Georgiana Lincan, a Roma feminist activist, will lead a workshop on Roma language and a workshop on civic activism.

More details about the festival can be found on their official website and on their Facebook page.

Access to the festival is free.

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(Photo courtesy of the organizers)

Helen D. Jessen