Central European culture ministers sign statement of support for Ukraine – English section

The document was signed in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Wednesday, Polish news agency PAP reported.

He said the signatories included Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister Piotr Glinski and its counterparts from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania.

Ukrainian Culture Support Fund

Meeting at the Lviv Opera, the Central European Culture The ministers agreed to create a special fund to restore Ukrainian culture and help artists in Ukraine, officials said.

Ukraine’s Culture and Information Policy Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko said his country was fighting the Russian invasion “not only physically, but also on the cultural front”.

“Putin is spreading disinformation about our identity, our language and our history, about everything that makes up our culture,” he told reporters.

Tkachenko said Ukraine urgently needs other countries to show support and solidarity, blocking Russian propaganda outlets, helping restore Ukrainian art and culture, and helping Ukrainian artists going back to work.

He said Wednesday’s statement contained specific steps to achieve those goals.

‘This war is our war’: Polish Culture Minister

Poland’s Gliński stressed the need to support Ukrainian culture, but also “to send weapons to Ukraine and intensify punishments against Russia.

“We are here to declare that this war is our war,” he said. “We must take responsibility for the situation in Ukraine.”

Gliński added: “We have to put pressure on European leaders to stand by Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting not only for its own independence, but also for Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and all civilization.

He said the statement called for new sanctions against Russian propaganda electrical outlets. “As far as possible, they should be replaced by Ukrainian broadcasters,” he added.

Gliński also said the new fund would “bring together funds from various sources, not only from the European Union and countries in our region, but also from rich countries that want to help.”

Thursday is day 127 of Russian invasion of ukraine.


Source: PAP, wnp.pl

Helen D. Jessen