Commissioner Wayne K. Keefer Completes Academy for Excellence in Local Governance

The Academy’s Voluntary Certificate Program for Excellence in Local Governance is a collaborative effort involving:

  • Maryland Counties Association
  • Maryland Municipal League
  • The Local Government Insurance Trust
  • The School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The Academy is an educational resource for the professional training needs of MD local government officials, providing the tools to make informed decisions on very complex issues and to meet the challenges of their role; as well as promoting the high ethical standards expected of elected officials.

Enrolled county government officials are required to take 8 “core” courses and 6 “elective” courses. In order to be eligible for graduation and to receive certification from the academy, Commissioner Keefer was required to participate in the following activities:


  • Basics of risk management
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Consensus and Team Building
  • County Financial Management
  • Employment issues
  • Ethics
  • Open meetings
  • Public Information Act


  • Second Chance for Workplace Success: A Good Program is Good for Your County
  • Fishing for Excellence in Education
  • Handle with care: neonates exposed to a substance
  • Detailed presentation of Tech Expo
  • Beyond the Classifieds: Finding and Keeping the Employees You Need
  • Delicious or deadly? An update on food security

“I am honored to have graduated from such a respected program in Maryland. Nothing is more important to an elected official than understanding the issues facing their constituents and finding solutions. helped to learn more about the many ways I can help those I serve every day in Washington County” Commissioner Wayne Keefer

Helen D. Jessen