Cypher Learning delivers the future of education technology

Cypher Learning is a leading provider of Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) solutions for schools, universities, organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide. It is available in three products: NEO, an LMS for schools and universities, MATRIX, an LMS for businesses, and INDIE, an LMS for individuals.

Cypher Learning is currently the only company to offer a learning platform that caters to all sectors of online learning: education, business and individuals.

The company has a global reach, with more than 150 employees worldwide. Although based in Plano, Texas, USA, it also has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Romania, Jordan, South Africa, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and in Australia. In particular, the APAC region is a growing market for Cypher Learning, and the company sees many opportunities in this region.

Cypher Learning has been operating since 2009 and has had a presence in the APAC region since 2016 and in Australia since 2019. The company has been steadily growing, increasing the number of offices and employees, and continuously innovating its platform by creating state-of-the-art functionality. that radically transform and enhance the learning experience.

The company’s products are built on the same basic platform. They share some features and the overall design, but they are aimed at different markets. For each of its products, Cypher Learning has created specific features that meet the needs of each market. Its three products are known for their intuitive design, powerful features and competitive prices. The platform is used by over 20,000 organizations worldwide, supports over 50 languages ​​and has won several awards.

“Learning solutions are getting smarter. By adding more intelligence to learning technology, organizations can better meet the needs of today’s learners and plan for the future,” said Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of Cypher Learning.

“Our platform takes learning experiences to a new level by focusing on the individual learner and how to stimulate their learning growth.”

Cypher Learning was recently rebranded as the Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP), and the company’s new consolidated website emphasizes its vision for online education. Its platform integrates learning objectives, recommendations, automation, and analytics to provide a smarter, personalized learning experience that promotes skill mastery and better learning outcomes.

Enterprise customers are looking for solutions that help them effectively manage all education or training activities, keep all learners engaged, and constantly improve what they do. Whether teaching students, onboarding employees or selling courses online, Cypher Learning’s products offer extensive functionality to cover all needs and integrate with education and training tools. most popular training.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt to remote working and hybrid learning environments. Many of the company’s customers have realized how important it is to ensure continuous learning, despite changes and challenges, and its platform provides just that.

The global pandemic has pushed the entire online learning industry 10 years into the future. However, Cypher Learning has always been focused on innovation and continuous improvement. The company works tirelessly to add industry-leading features to its platform and enable schools, businesses, and individuals to create and deliver the best learning experiences.

“Cypher Learning products provide comprehensive solutions with powerful functionality to manage all teaching and learning activities for schools, organizations and entrepreneurs,” adds Glass.

“We are focused on bringing innovation to our platform, creating cutting-edge features that other systems do not support, such as automation, adaptive learning, learning based on skills and personalized recommendations.”

Helen D. Jessen