CYPHER LEARNING supports the Romanian association in the transformation of education through technology

The main activities of the Association are to create educational materials through a learning platform and to enable students to pursue and continue their studies regardless of the teaching environment (in person or online). CYPHER LEARNING has provided the MATRIX LMS Association with its intelligent learning platform for organizations, which will be used to create learning materials and train teachers in innovative teaching methods.

The “Together We Transform Schools” project is funded by the European Union (EU) and promotes innovative pedagogical approaches tailored to the learning needs of today’s digital native students. One of the objectives of the project is to train a minimum of 400 teachers from 20 urban and rural schools in the department of Bihor, Romania, to use hybrid teaching methods (mixture of face-to-face and online teaching). For these teachers, participation in the program is free. Program leaders will also use MATRIX to showcase exceptional e-learning lessons created by teachers, with the goal of sharing best practices with teachers across the country.

“Our project aims to help teachers better adapt their classroom teaching to the current and more digital learning needs of students,” said Alin Bădiceanu, founder of the Nistor Bădiceanu association. “The learning platform we have chosen can both support teachers’ professional development on the challenges of the hybrid classroom, as well as make learning more engaging for their students later on.”

Graham GlassCEO of CYPHER LEARNING, said: “We are happy to work with the Nistor Bădiceanu association, in order to be able to help teachers to provide the best education to their students. It is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to use platforms learning in their classrooms and to encourage their students to continue learning.

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About the association “Nistor Bădiceanu”
The “Nistor Bădiceanu” association aims to become a promoter of digital products based on the school curriculum, supporting students and teachers and bringing innovative and effective models to the Romanian online course market.

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