Dance for Ukraine, London Coliseum

Dance for Ukraine, London Coliseum
Dance for Ukraine, London Coliseum

Therese Guerreiro

As we witness the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, many of us are overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. We would like to help the innocent civilians who are mercilessly driven from their homes and their own country by ruthless bombings, so many dead in the process. We can, of course, make a donation to the appeal launched by the Disaster Emergency Committee.

And now we can also go to the London Coliseum to attend the special gala Dance for Ukrainewhich brings together an international cast of ballet dancers, who are also eager to do their part for this war-torn country.

Dance for Ukraine is organized by dancers and impresarios Ivan Putrov, of Ukrainian origin, and Alina Cojucaru, of Romanian origin, but trained in Kiev and principal dancer of the National Ballet of Ukraine, before joining the Royal Ballet of London. They offer their services free of charge, as do all participating dancers, the English National Ballet Orchestra and Chorus, and the ENO, which has waived its rental fees for the London Coliseum. All proceeds will go to the Disaster Emergency Committee.

The full schedule and cast list is yet to come – watch this space.

For now, however, among the international names already committed to appearing are dancers from the Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, including: Marianela Nuñez (Argentina), Mathieu Ganio (France ), Federico Bonelli (Italy), Francesco Gabriele Frola (Italy), Fumi Kaneko (Japan), Isaac Hernández (Mexico), Alina Cojocaru (Romania), Natalia Osipova (Russia), Reece Clarke (United Kingdom), Katja Khaniukova ( Ukraine), Emma Hawes (United States).

Ivan Putrov summed up the objective of the evening in these terms: “The Gala is about taking a stand for human values. Dance, music and art move the world, not violence. Since we artists have the gift, we must use it.

Helen D. Jessen