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“Force readiness and resilience begins and ends with our people,” Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said. “This rebranding reflects a significant modernization of our thinking about the cultural challenges facing our military and is crucial to maintaining an inclusive culture of dignity and respect, intolerant of violence in all its forms. This is an important opportunity to place our service members, their families and the civilians of the DON at the center of our efforts and to address these challenges with renewed rigor and focus.

The portfolio has expanded significantly in recent years to encompass various components of force preservation and readiness. The office will continue to address the prevention and response to sexual assault and harassment, advocate for survivor-centered policies, and promote resilience and suicide prevention through integrated programs, policies, leadership development and monitoring activities.

Research shows that environments that allow for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, lack of accountability and intervention, lack of respect and cohesion, and hostility in the workplace have a higher risk of destructive outcomes. DON OFR will continue to offer tools, resources, policies and oversight to address harmful behaviors and attitudes that erode trust and preparedness.

“The DON is making a historic shift from primarily supporting survivors to prioritizing the prevention of destructive behavior,” said Andrea N. Goldstein, DON OFR Acting Director. “This mission is not going away. Additionally, we are committed to addressing our most pressing cultural challenges, rebuilding institutional trust, and establishing the conditions for fairness, inclusion, and accountability across the Department.

DON OFR recognizes the intersection of cultural challenges across the Naval Services, as well as the solutions needed to build healthier, cohesive teams and a ready force. The office reports to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) and serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy on all matters of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and prevention and response. in case of suicide.

Immediate office priorities include:

  • Addressing Sexual Assault and Harassment by Facilitating the Department’s Execution of the Assistant Secretary of Defense’s Implementation Roadmap and Assault Prevention, Response, and Accountability Reforms contained in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY22
  • Enhance the resilience and readiness of the entire force by identifying suicide prevention best practices and initiatives to support Navy and Marine Corps efforts
  • Establish and embed primary prevention policies and responsibilities to mitigate self-inflicted harm and prohibited abusive or harmful acts using a career cycle perspective to promote ongoing force readiness
  • Establish a public health approach to assessment, selection, and training efforts that promote protective environments, healthy climates, and the development of skills for healthy relationships
  • Establish an informed and evidence-based evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of prevention program interventions
  • Develop prevention leaders and programs that emphasize that our core values ​​must anchor all actions to support a culture of dignity and respect

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