Ensuring accountability is essential for the governance system: Wahiduddin Mahmud

The eminent economist, Professor Wahid Uddin Mahmud, said that when accountability is not ensured, the institutional structure of the democratic system is weakened, because ensuring accountability at all levels of the governance framework is a necessity for the system. of governance.

“And as a civil society organization, Shushasoner Jonno Nagorik (Shujan) plays an important role in strengthening the country’s democratic system with its activities for the benefit of the people,” he said at the inauguration. of “The 8th National Conference of Shushasoner Jonno Nagorik (Shujan )” at the Institute of Graduate Engineers on Saturday.

Former acting government adviser Akbar Ali Khan and former chief election commissioner ATM Shamsul Huda were the special guests at the event, with Shujon Vice President Hamida Hossain in the chair, according to a press release. .

Akbar Ali Khan said that Bangladeshi democracy is currently going through various challenges. First, the government is formed by majority vote, although many countries around the world have adopted a proportional majority. Second, Bangladesh has a legislative chamber system. If there are two separate assemblies (bicameral parliament), dissent is reflected in parliament. Third, the power of the state is in the hands of the prime minister. Fourth, the Prime Minister is also the leader of the party and she must defend the interests of the party. For this, citizens are faced with many problems.

“Lack of fair elections is one of the major challenges for democracy in Bangladesh. The Election Commission is not able to organize fair elections. They cannot dare to do that,” he said. he adds.

ATM Shamsul Huda said, “Good governance is a key pillar of democracy. If good governance deteriorates in the country, where will democracy be? So everyone must work to maintain good governance. Large-scale corruption is widespread in the country. that, an organization like Shujan has to work for the people.

Shujan’s secretary, Badiul Alam Majumdar, said that although we have achieved independence twice, unfortunately, we have not yet been able to develop a sense of citizenship. There is only one relationship: customers (citizens) against patrons (political leaders). Shujan was established to develop a sense of citizenship among the people of Bangladesh.

“Shujan has monitored various state activities as a civil society organization. Sujan has several significant achievements, one of which is that he was instrumental in formulating the provision of eight elements of information to the candidates in the running,” said Sujan’s executive member, Justice. Abdul Matin said.

Deputy Secretary of Shujan, Md Zakir Hossain, Treasurer Md Syed Abu Naser Bakktiar Ahmed, Tofail Ahmed, Md Ali Imam Majumder, Prof. Robayet Ferdous and Prof. Mohammad Sikander Khan also addressed the meeting.

Helen D. Jessen