Excellence in Romanian Education Recognized at 2021 School Principals’ Awards Gala

School principals from Romania have been recognized for the outstanding educational transformation projects they have taken part in during the School Principals’ Awards Gala 2021. In this edition, the awards were won by four educational leaders from Iași, Tecuci, Târgu Măgurele and Pașcani. The director of the year 2021 is Mihaela Romanescu, director of the theoretical computer science high school “Grigore Moisil” in Iași, a distinction presented by the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis.

This year’s winning principals have demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership, management and strategy in projects with visible results in their school communities. The awards they received are for Equal Opportunity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as well as the Principal of the Year 2021 award.

“We are honored to identify and reward school principals each year who get involved and contribute to the continuous development of education in Romania. These leaders must be supported in their efforts precisely because they are an important pillar of the communities to which they belong and have the capacity to advance the Romanian education system. That’s why we gather an important community around them, leaders from business, public administration and the non-profit sector to provide them with the resources they need to make these important advances for communities possible. Romanians,” said Silvia Herman, program director at AVE Romania.

Principal of the Year 2021, Outstanding Pedagogical Leader, awarded by the President of Romania

In a year marked by trials and tribulations, the event highlighted Romanian school principals who, through their commitment, achieved outstanding results and performance. Thus, the prize for the director of the year 2021 was awarded to Mihaela Romanescu, director of the theoretical high school of computer science “Grigore Moisil” in Iasi. She, together with her team of teachers, published 3 modern teaching guides including teaching examples this school year and carried out 7 projects with funding from the European Commission. Thanks to these projects, she set up a virtual reality laboratory in the school. The team of teachers therefore created virtual reality lessons for STEM subjects and helped students develop language, entrepreneurial or mathematical skills. He has also developed a project on 3D printing and another on the use of drone technology in the classroom. The high school teaching team has created more than 40 educational software in almost every subject.

“A principal’s job is to make a difference in the lives of students, fellow teachers and the educational community to which they belong. Leading and teaching is a challenge that requires a high level of understanding and patience, ownership, openness to knowledge and a strong set of values. A good principal has a people-centered approach, responsibility to students and community, integrity in decision-making and objectivity, has moral conduct, emphasizing honesty, fairness and respect, is informed by reliable sources and combats misinformation in the educational community he or she leads,” said Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania.

Watch the 2021 Principal of the Year Video Story here.

Exceptional principals who move Romanian schools forward

The Principal of the Year Award for Entrepreneurship was won this year by Adriana Lefter, Principal of “Elena Doamna” Secondary School in Tecuci, who attracted €150,000 in funding through six Erasmus projects. Through them, more than 20 teachers and 40 students have participated in Erasmus international mobility and more than 300 students have participated in two online mobility. The projects aim to develop digital, language and STEM skills. Adriana Lefter is also an eTwinning ambassador nationally and internationally and has become a Scientix Ambassador in Romania for STEM activities. Elena Doamna Secondary School also received the “Creator of Education” award as part of the STEM Discovery Week 2020 campaign.

Video footage from the Principal of Entrepreneurship 2021 community can be viewed here

The Principal of the Year Award for Innovation was awarded to Cătălin Condrea, principal of the Pașcani Special Secondary School, whose work focuses on the design of learning processes and who implemented a assistance through which more than 40% of the school’s teachers develop educational and therapeutic skills for children with special needs, and 30 parents are involved in the parenting process to better understand the needs of their children. In addition, Cătălin Condrea has designed evaluation grids through which he monitors the results of all students in the school and uses the data in the educational and therapeutic approach. For disabled children, he developed a therapeutic program involving 12 groups of students with severe disabilities and 3 groups of children with moderate disabilities.

The video report on the main of the year 2021 for innovation can be watched here

The Principal of the Year Award for Equal Opportunities is won by Adrian Emanuel Silimon, Principal of Secondary School No. 4 in Turnu Măgurele, for providing equal educational opportunities to a group of 60 students from different backgrounds. underprivileged and dropouts during the 2020 -2021 school year, with the support of the Royal Margareta Foundation of Romania. They passed at the end of 2020-2021 and 200 children with special educational needs had the chance to benefit from quality education. In addition, secondary school students’ averages in Romanian language and mathematics have increased by 1 to 2 points, and students enrolled in primary school are mastering reading and writing skills, as well as mathematical calculation.

The Equal Opportunities Principal 2021 Community Video Report can be viewed here

The school principals who win the Gala will each receive 5,000 euros for the continuation of the projects started in their school, a guaranteed place in the Academy of leadership and school management organized by the Association for the values ​​of education, a training and advice for them and the teachers in their teams for the 2021 – 2022 school year, as well as access vouchers to digital catalogs worth 2,000 euros for a school, offered by Adservio.

The Principals of the Year Awards Gala is an annual event organized by the Association for Values ​​in Education to support and reward principals who excel through extraordinary work and help transform the education in Romania, starting with their own communities. The full gala video can be viewed on AVE’s YouTube channel.

Helen D. Jessen