Film “House of Dolls” as part of EUFF activities in Amman | Culture & Society

Ammon News – The Romanian film (House of Dolls) was screened at the Haya Cultural Center in Amman on Saturday evening, in the presence of director Tudor Platon, as part of the activities of the European Film Festival (EUFF) in its thirty-fourth session, which took was jointly organized by the National Institutes of Culture of the European Union (EUNIC) and funded by the EU.

The film about the story of elderly women in their sixties who decide to take a vacation of isolation in a rural villa, to recover memories and rekindle moments of joy and sadness, gossip and jokes to maintain the illusion that time has not passed, and that they are still the beautiful girls they were 50 years ago.

The Roman director, Plato, expressed his joy at his first visit to Jordan, noting that he was delighted with his visit to the ancient city of Petra and the hospitality of the Jordanian public.

He revealed his intention to visit Jordan again, and the possibility of making a documentary film dealing with Petra, which he marveled at its magnificence and antiquities.

At the end of the film screening, Plato had answered discussion questions for the audience, which dealt with the events and vision of the film, and his attempt to prove that the soul does not age with the passage of time. ‘age.

It should be noted that the film screenings of the festival are free and continue until November 25, targeting different age groups, and are translated into Arabic and English.

Helen D. Jessen