Funding offered to NGOs through the Education Academy for People with Disabilities by Societe Generale Global Solution Center

Societe Generale Global Solution Center has launched a new funding program, which offers financial support of a maximum amount of 40,000 euros, intended to support projects developed by non-governmental organizations in Romania for people with disabilities.

The financing program, entitled Education Academy for the Disabledaims to support initiatives created by NGOs in Romania to contribute to the educational development of people with disabilities in accordance with the existing requirements in the labor market, to complement their skills with those adapted to market needs and thus increase their employment prospects future.

This edition is aimed at NGOs that have expertise in education and aims to collaborate with such an NGO to establish a training program, personalized and free, through which people with disabilities can develop the necessary skills that will allow them to integrate in today’s digital workforce while stimulating their professional and personal growth.

“The new edition we are currently launching is a continuation of the fundraising program organized in 2020 and the company’s commitment to support social inclusion and to have a positive impact on the environment and society by We are here to help create the right conditions for the implementation of initiatives that will help create a better and inclusive future and that will support the integration of members of disadvantaged communities,” said Cătălina Magui, HRD of Global Solution Societe Generale Center.

“They say that diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being invited to dance. And through our activity, through the projects that we develop with our colleagues and partners or that we support , we want to help build a sustainable future and an inclusive environment, in which everyone, regardless of their particularities or abilities, is supported to grow, is respected and valued,” she added.

The submission period will be approximately three weeks, from October 11 to November 1, after which the selection stage of submitted applications will begin.

Full details of the new funding program can be viewed on Societe Generale’s Global Solution Center website.

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(Photo source: Societe Generale Global Solution Center)

Helen D. Jessen