Greek Culture and Research Center opens at Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​(PHOTO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 19. A Greek culture and research center has been opened at the Azerbaijan Language University, Trend reports on October 19.

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​Kamal Abdullah and Greek Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nikolaos Piperigos participated in the opening ceremony.

The two sides discussed fruitful cooperation in the field of culture and education between the countries.

Abdullah expressed his gratitude to Piperigos for his personal contribution to the development of the center and expressed his hope for the continued successful work of the center.

According to him, the University of Languages ​​of Azerbaijan is working on the introduction of the study of the ancient Greek language.

“The university has already introduced the study of Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages. Now we are working hard to start teaching ancient Greek at the university,” Abdullah said.

Piperigos, in turn, expressed his hope that the study of classical languages ​​at the university would develop successfully.

“I have already discussed with one of the centers for the study of ancient Greek language in Greece to introduce a new method of learning the language in Azerbaijan,” added the ambassador.

Furthermore, the Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Vasile Soare, also attended the opening ceremony.

Helen D. Jessen