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Implementing the OECD Recommendation on Health Data Governance

Health data is essential to modern healthcare delivery, health system management, research and innovation, and must be well managed to support its use while protecting privacy and security. Datas. The 2016 OECD Recommendation on Health Data Governance provides a roadmap towards more harmonized approaches to health data governance across countries. It recommends the implementation of national health data governance frameworks and sets out key principles to be followed to this end, while promoting cross-border cooperation in data governance and interoperability. This report provides an overview of the implementation of the Recommendation from 2016 to 2021 and finds that, while there are examples of good progress, overall many Adherents are still working on implementation in areas such as data sharing, accessibility, quality, interoperability and protection of security and privacy. . Efforts to support the implementation and dissemination of the Recommendation will continue for the next reporting cycle (2022-27) with a focus on cybersecurity, harmonization of health data governance to enable multi-country projects and improving the global interoperability of health data.

Available from May 11, 2022Also available in French

Helen D. Jessen