Hijab row: Karnataka CM, Education Minister urges students not to be provoked

Students should make no attempt to disturb the peace, he added.

“The court order is coming tomorrow (Tuesday). The state government will make a decision on the matter once the order is received. As the case is in court, I don’t want to talk about it.

He further said that there were active forces behind the hijab row agitation in the state as it had surfaced before in Kerala and Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, Nagesh told reporters in Mysuru: “Students have to come in uniform to colleges. Students wearing hijabs and saffron shawls will not be permitted entry.

“It is your wish that until you reach college entrance, you can wear whatever clothes you want. Once you enter the gate, you must be in uniform.

The state education minister defended the move to send students wearing hijab and saffron covering to separate rooms at Udupi Government PU College, adding that the government will set rules on uniform after the High Court order.

The management of Kundapur Government Pre University College also sent students wearing hijab and saffron shawls to separate rooms inside the college premises.

Spokesman for the college’s development committee, Mohan Das Shenoy, said Muslim students who fussed outside would be allowed into the college premises and given a separate room. However, they will not be allowed to attend classes until they remove the hijab as per the government order.

The hijab line has now spread to all states including Chikkaballapur, Chikkamagalur, Hassan, Mandya, Vijayapura.

It affected seven colleges in Udupi alone, while also spreading to Bommai’s home district, Haveri.

The feud took a new turn with female students from IDSG College in Chikkamaglur district, who came dressed in blue shawls to support the wearing of hijab by Muslim female students.

They waved “Jai bheem” slogans and condemned the communalization of education.

After declaring a public holiday at Shanteshwar PUC College and GRB Colleges Vijayapura, students wearing saffron shawls gathered outside the entrance gates and waved the slogans of Jai Shri Ram’.

The Muslim students who came wearing the hijab said they were not bothered by the state government’s order and were awaiting the directive from the Karnataka High Court on the matter.

Hindu students are convinced that until the hijab is allowed, they will come with saffron shawls.

Helen D. Jessen