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Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and there is no limit to its size. It’s already surpassed a $1 billion valuation, and it’s expected to reach $13.05 billion by 2025.

One of the biggest indicators that competitive gaming is going mainstream is the fact that it has been recognized by the Commonwealth Games. Indeed, it should be included when the event takes place in Victoria in 2026.

The test has already taken place

A few years ago, the idea of ​​seeing Esports at the Commonwealth Games would have been laughable. Now, that’s a realistic prospect. It was recently reported that a Commonwealth Esports Championships dry run was held in Birmingham, England at the 2022 Commonwealth Games to see if this type of competitive action could be included as an official event in 2026. It went well and garnered positive feedback from those involved.

Victoria’s edition of the Commonwealth Games is set to take place in 2026, with 16 sports already confirmed. However, organizers are hoping to add more to the schedule, with esports being heavily considered. Competitive gaming has proven to be a popular spectator sport, with more and more people logging on to watch it every year. By 2026, there could be nearly a billion people watching Esports, meaning it would be a popular inclusion at a major event.

Esports has been dubbed the “new frontier in sports” and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it gain even more credibility over the next decade. Even the greatest traditional sports in the world had to start somewhere. Football and cricket are now well established and loved around the world, and nothing is stopping esports from following a similar trajectory.

How will this affect related industries?

The next time the Commonwealth Games take place in Australia, the country could be in a prime position to capitalize on the inclusion of esports. Part of competitive gaming’s success so far is due to the related industries that are pushing it, as well as the big corporations that have entered into sponsorship deals. Australian companies will therefore most certainly be looking to capitalize in 2026.

The betting industry was built around traditional sports, and it is now a giant industry worldwide. In Australia, online betting is so popular that there are countless sites vying for the attention of punters. Indeed, there are so many to browse that people turn to comparison sites that list the best ones based on their offers and ratings. Bettors need only scroll down and click on a link to be taken directly to a site.

Many of these online sportsbooks already offer eSports betting, and the number of available markets will only increase in the future. As the Commonwealth Games approach, betting sites could benefit from special offers. They may also begin to focus more on esports, bringing more attention to the competitive gaming industry.

Esports at the Commonwealth Games is not only huge news for the industry itself, but a great initiative for related industries. Australian businesses stand to benefit in 2026, with the betting industry in a particularly strong position to benefit.

Helen D. Jessen