In touch with Ukraine’s neighbors over student education, government says: The Tribune India

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New Delhi, April 6

The government said on Wednesday it was in contact with Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan to secure the future of Indian students returning from Ukraine.

Speaking at the Lok Sabha today, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said the Ukrainian government had decided there would be relaxations on the completion of medical training for students who had to flee because of the conflict.

“For third year medical students to move to fourth year, there is an exam called KROK 1. This has been postponed to next academic year and students will be allowed to move to next academic year depending on the completion of standard requirements. For sixth year students, there is an exam called KROK 2 exam which they must pass in order to graduate. The Ukrainian government has decided and we have pressed it in this way because the largest number of foreign medical students there are Indians. Based on the results of the academic assessments, they will receive diplomas without taking the KROK 2,” he said.

For many students who are in between the two levels of education, Jaishankar said ministries of health, education and other organizations dealing with medical education are seized of the issue and discussing it. .

“We are now in contact with Hungary. There was a very generous offer from them. Besides Hungary, we have been in contact with Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. They have similar education models,” Jaishankar said, adding that continuing education offers made by Hungary and other countries are being explored by India.

Bill agreed to include Darlongs in the ST list

As the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed the bill to include the Darlong community of Tripura in the list of Scheduled Tribes, it was cleared by Parliament. The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Ordinance (Amendment) Bill 2022, which was an amendment to the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Ordinance 1950, had previously been passed by the Lok Sabha.

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