Minister of Education: More students pass national assessment, pass rate gap between urban and rural areas persists

A total of 82.3% of students who sat the National Assessment, the secondary school-leaving exam, scored above grade 5, the pass mark, said Education Minister Sorin Cîmpeanu during a press conference on June 23, quoted by

The result of the exam is the average mark calculated for the two tests: Romanian language and mathematics.

The percentage of success this year is the highest in ten years, explained the minister. Last year, 76.8% obtained results higher than 5, or just over 94,000 students.

In the Romanian language exam, 127,920 students (85.9%) obtained grades above 5, compared to 84% last year. In mathematics, 77.5% achieved the same.

The Minister also pointed to the “poor quality of education in rural areas”, where failure results (averages below 5) were three times higher than in urban areas.

A total of 144,494 students took the exam, out of the 155,561 registered, or 95.5%. The number of students enrolled was 24,000 higher than the previous year, the minister said.

Fifty-seven percent of students who took the National Assessment had various spelling, punctuation and writing problems, the minister explained. Referring to one of the exercises the students had on the exam, which covered correct handwriting, the minister said only 6% had fully solved it.

“In other words, only 6% were able to write Romanian perfectly. This is a sad but important conclusion to know what we need to do. Specifically, the verbs ‘have’, ‘be’ or the noun ‘street’, the adjective ‘proud’ or pronoun-noun agreement – ​​14% cannot write any of the given words correctly in the requested form “, explained the minister, quoted by

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Helen D. Jessen