NCAC-UNESCO National Endowment Fund Forum for Arts and Culture is underway

The objectives of the forum are to articulate the needs of the sector to be taken into account in the operationalization of the National Endowment Fund for Arts and Culture; brainstorm the general principles of the National Arts and Culture Endowment Fund regulations and agree on a plan for high-level consultation throughout the development of the regulations.

In his opening address, Hassoum Ceesay, the Director General of the National Center for Arts and Culture welcomed the participants and reminded the participants of the quadrennial periodic reporting exercise to the 2005 Convention organized by the center in 2019.

He commended the international expert, Mrs. Ojoma Ochai for her support during the exercise and “because we were successful in our report for the first time, The Gambia submitted the report on the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the promotion of cultural diversity in cultural expressions. With this, UNESCO revealed that they are ready to help us improve the status of Gambian artists.

He added that The Gambia had succeeded alongside two other countries; Cape Verde and Romania, while noting that the project has three components – a national survey on the involvement of women artists in the different artistic sectors; the national endowment fund and the upgrading and capacity building of artists.

The Executive Director highlighted the importance of the National Endowment Fund for Artists and therefore urged stakeholders to work hard in this direction to enable access to funds.

More so, he said after the validation of the national endowment fund, anyone who meets the criteria after completing the required form will have access to the fund and he urged those in the sector to have hope and be positive. about it “because it’s time to work with the necessary authorities to make it a reality.

The DG of NCAC, on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, thanked the UNESCO-ASCHBERG program for its support.

Dimitiri Sanga, Director of UNESCO Dakar, addressed the online forum from his office in Dakar, while international expert, Ojoma Ochai, guided participants through arts endowments around the world. ; think about what the Gambia Arts and Culture Endowment Fund should cover and adopt, among other exercises.

Helen D. Jessen