New education project in Romania | Within UEFA

In this context, the FRF Executive Committee recently approved another important educational project, which is part of the FRF’s technical strategy aimed at maximizing the potential of young players.

In order to ensure the best possible training for academy executives, the FRF will select the best 20 to participate in an intensive training program. Experienced international experts will steer the entire program, of which 75% of the related costs will be borne by the FRF.

The programme, which the FRF plans to renew in 2023, will be structured into five modules covering topics such as management and the strategic role of an academy; personnel management and relations between the various departments; the development of a specific club philosophy in close connection with trends at European level; talent detection and player selection; individual development; and transition to the first team.

The Belgian company Double Pass is the FRF’s partner in this project, given its experience of more than 20 years in advising and collaborating with more than 1,000 clubs, national associations and professional leagues, as well as having been FIFA’s partner in its talent development program since 2020. In recent years, the academies have acquired, as they should, an increasingly important role in Romanian football. The FRF continues to be involved in this area and the executive committee has decided that every top division club will have to fulfill crucial criteria to obtain a licence. From the 2022/23 season, each first division club will have to invest a minimum of 5% of its income in its academic structure. In 2023/24, this minimum will increase to 6.5%, rising to 7.5% in 2024/25.

Criteria related to financial transparency will also come into force in 2022/23, obliging all clubs applying for a Premier League license to publish the results of the expenditure audit carried out at their academy level.

This article appeared in UEFA Direct 197

Helen D. Jessen