Nexans – Nexans CSR | A shared culture

Unwavering relationships with our stakeholders

Nexans is committed to acting responsibly and building long-term relationships with all its stakeholders. It is therefore quite natural that the “Ecosystem” pillar is an integral part of our CSR policy. Indeed, it is one of the three main priorities of the CSR policy and aims to share our values ​​and the highest ethical standards with this ecosystem.

This is the very essence of our policy of regular and quality dialogue with all of our stakeholders. An approach based on a rigorous and proactive approach to ethics and corporate responsibility. A day dedicated to ESG, organized in November 2020, enabled the Group to present its approach and the new CSR roadmap as well as the associated management indicators.

Finally, Nexans is committed to protecting people, whether it be its employees, customers, partners or the general public, by implementing a vigilance approach and a set of measures aimed at protecting the consumer health and safety.

Our team

Because employee commitment is at the heart of operational excellence and the achievement of the Group’s performance objectives, its measurement is an integral part of the indicators monitored in the CSR roadmap.


Dialogue with customers, particularly with those who have already made commitments, is one of the priority CSR ambitions. A cycle of meetings with them is organized with the aim of seeking a proactive approach and setting up common projects. The idea is that everyone contributes to achieving the objectives set, particularly in terms of low-carbon offers, one of the objectives of Nexans’ Climate roadmap.

Industrial partners

The Group’s database of efficient and reliable contractors and suppliers helps Nexans achieve its business objectives, while complying with most national and international requirements, obligations and regulations. In particular, the Group has updated the Supplier CSR Charter and is planning a CSR risk reassessment campaign which will be followed by EcoVadis or equivalent assessment requests, then any on-site audits.

Financial and non-financial partners

Whether they are shareholders, bankers, investors or rating agencies, Nexans cultivates a quality dialogue with each sphere. Its main contacts are around ten financial analysts who regularly publish reports on the Group and carry out annual evaluations of our extra-financial performance. Not to mention the some 300 investors met each year at roadshows and conferences around the world, and of course during specific sessions such as Investor Day.

Territorial partners

Through the creation of its subsidiaries, Nexans forges close ties with local authorities, economic and social players, universities, schools and training centers. These quality relationships, both human and financial, take the form of donations, support for associations, self-help programs, volunteering and partnerships. The objective is to contribute more to the labor market and therefore to regional development.

Helen D. Jessen