(P) Fit For Future Education. F is for Flexibility!

Ioana is a passionate dancer. If it were up to her, she would dance all day. But Ioana knows dancing can’t be her only plan. She dreams of opening a dance school. For this, she will need to know something about business, another foreign language and economics, but her current school does not offer any of these subjects. In addition, she has a difficult choice to make on a daily basis: does she miss training or school? If only there was a more flexible option!

Matei trains twice a day: two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. He will be the new Lionel Messi, he feels it! Weekends are reserved for tournaments and other team meetings. Even though he agrees with his parents that school is so important, he just can’t give up on his dream of attending classes, the schedule is just impossible! If only there was a more flexible option!

Ana has tried three different schools. She is intimidated by her colleagues and never answers in class, even when she is sure she knows the answer. But she somehow knows that she must succeed in finishing high school. If only there was a more flexible option!

Daniel is the proud father of twins: George plays basketball and Emma swims. They are both passionate about drawing. Daniel wants to allow his children to learn from the experiences they love, but it proves to be quite difficult. George and Emma both have to be present at school every day and their schedules greatly reduce their passions. In addition, they have endless discussions every day because they have chosen a school close to home so that the journey is short and they can get to the swimming pool or the art studio in a short time. . If only there was a more flexible option!

Ioana, Matei, Ana and Daniel are four very different people looking for the same solution: a flexible and reliable school system. The solution is the same for everyone: Spark Hybrid International High School. Spark students choose the Cambridge courses that interest them, they study in English, at their own pace and, at the end of their secondary education, are ready to enter universities around the world. They work with dedicated tutors, in a self-paced system, with all their resources just a click away. They take charge of their lives and education and they grow up as independent, responsible and grounded young people who will take the future by storm.

As a Spark student, Ioana is thriving. She chose five subjects from the IGCSE curriculum: English, Business Studies, Spanish, Economics and Mathematics. Some days she studies in the morning and others she spends more time dancing and uses the weekend to catch up. Matei runs a health club in Spark, as a first-year A Levels student. He is taking courses in biology, business studies and computer science – he may one day want to become a sports director. Nothing is decided however, his options are wide open.

There are no more discussions in the house of Daniel, George and Emma: Spark School offers each of the twins the subjects they want to follow, they can plan their training and their art whenever they want during the day. They actually have time to meet their friends now. Ana was unsure of the Spark school, but she quickly learned to appreciate her thoughtful interaction with her counselor, their wellness discussions, and her power of quiet leadership. She loves her tutors and learns a new language – German. She has attended some of the Spark assemblies and has heard of student hubs opening in the city – she thinks she could join small teams there for debates.

We are all unique and it is in this difference that the beauty of the world around us lies. We may not have the same ideas and goals, but we share a need: to shape our own future. Spark Hybrid International High School offers students the opportunity to design their own learning and future education.

(p) – This article is an infomercial.

Helen D. Jessen