Pitt’s Center for Governance and Markets receives $2.4 million for social research

Researchers from the Pitt’s Center for Governance and Markets have won a three-year, $2.4 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation study social division and polarization, according to a university Press release.

Jennifer Murtazashvili, Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs and Founding Director of CGM, and Paul Dragos Aligica, Professor of Governance at the University of Bucharest, will explore how divisions and growing social values ​​create discourse and shape communities.

They will combine survey data and field research in Ukraine, Romania, Uzbekistan and the United States, while focusing on Rust Belt communities around Pittsburgh.

“This work is so important in our context of growing interconnectedness of systems and people across the globe, coupled with growing divisions between so many facets of our society,” GSPIA Dean Carissa Slotterback said in the release. Press.

Amy Proulx, director of individual liberty and free markets at the John Templeton Foundation, also said the foundation is “pleased to support this project, which will explore some of the most fundamental challenges of free societies.”

Helen D. Jessen