Rise Education Korea opens a new chapter online

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rise Education Korea has stepped into the online world to continue providing quality English education for children.

Rise Education Korea is an English language educational institution that provides education for children.

Although its online programs were initially created for students at its offline branches, the education group is now working to produce online content for various age groups, from toddlers to elementary school students.

Currently, Rise Education Korea runs three online programs: Rise VOD, Rise Virtual Class, and Rise Metacity.

Rise VOD offers special classes taught during online vacations. Targeting those starting their terms in English Kindergarten, the lessons have been well received and have enabled many to successfully adapt to their kindergarten life.

Rise Virtual Class offers individual English lessons with native English speaking instructors who have completed a three week course. Through the program, students who live in areas that do not have a Rise campus or who live overseas can learn English.

There are courses for beginners, including phonetics, and for advanced levels, such as current affairs and current affairs discussion, allowing students to take courses that suit them. Also, some classes use textbooks used in schools in the United States as classroom materials.

Rise Virtual Class also offers group discussion classes that allow students from different regions and backgrounds to interact with each other.

Rise Education Korea also offers free Rise Connected online courses, allowing students to take advantage of various programs such as reptile study, board games, and science experiments.

Rise Metacity is a program that allows everyone to participate in an English quiz organized in a virtual space called Rise Metacity. The quiz shows take place under a different theme each time.

Students participate in quizzes with native-speaking instructors under topics such as movies, literature and more.

During the first edition of the quiz held in April, some 300 students participated in the quiz organized under the theme of the famous Harry Potter film saga, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

The online programs, produced by Rise Education Korea during the pandemic, focus on offering content and services that can improve learning efficiency. Although the online platform may not be familiar to parents, the lessons have been appreciated for encouraging students’ interest in studies.

Rise Education Korea plans to work on more content for its online platform. As a global educational institution, it plans to allow children living overseas to participate in Rise Metacity, giving students from Korea and beyond a chance to interact with each other.

By Im Eun-byel ([email protected])

Helen D. Jessen