RO Education Minister promises to fix controversial Education Bill

A series of provisions of the Education Bill will be amended in accordance with the University Consortium’s proposal, the Ministry of Education announced on August 1, reported.

The announcement came after President Klaus Iohannis stressed that the law should reflect “the spirit, not just the text” of the Educated Romania project and should additionally win broad support.

The specific changes requested by the nine universities relate, among other things, to the funding of university research, the status of teaching staff after retirement age and the increase in funding for certain fields of study.

The Department of Education and the University Consortium released a joint statement saying that a series of amendments “to improve the Higher Education Bill have been agreed with the Department of Education.”

It should be noted that none of the proposals of the Consortium Universitaria concerned the modification of the articles which provide for the abolition of the CNADTCU (the institution evaluating the cases of plagiarism), the amnesty for plagiarists or the absence of limitation of the number terms of office a rector can serve.

(Photo: Pixabay)

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Helen D. Jessen