Romanian children abroad will receive free lessons in language, culture and history

German children will be able to enroll in Romanian language, culture and civilization (LCCR) courses free of charge from this year. The program has been operational in many other European countries since 2007.

The list of schools requesting to extend their participation in LCCR courses, as well as those requesting to be added to the program, is growing year by year, as Romanian parents living abroad want their children to be in contact with Romanian culture. Run by the Romanian Ministry of Education through the Romanian Language Institute (ILR), the courses have now been expanded to include Germany.

The project is aimed at Romanian children from abroad who attend pre-university education in their adopted European country. It is already operational in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, France and Ireland.

Classes are given free of charge, in schools in partner countries, with Romanian teachers selected by competition.

No schools were to be added this year due to budgetary constraints, but the government has committed new funds for the project. The inclusion of Germany in the LCCR came on the initiative of Rareş Bogdan, Romanian member of the European Parliament, and Minister of Education Sorin Cîmpeanu, according to G4Media.

Around 800,000 Romanians live in Germany, according to an estimation.

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Helen D. Jessen