Romanian Ministry of Education allocates 193 million euros to reduce school dropout rate

The Ministry of Education and the departmental school inspectorates have signed 42 agreements on measures to reduce the school dropout rate in the country.

Based on the agreements signed on August 3, the departmental inspectorates will seal financing agreements with 1,415 schools whose projects have been approved. The total amount eligible for the first round of the National Program to Combat School Dropout (PNRAS) amounts to 965.3 million RON (193 million euros), Education Minister Sorin Cîmpeanu said.

Funding covers service expenses (maximum 15% of total grant value); expenses with salaries (maximum 15% of the total value of the scholarship); event and travel expenses (maximum 15% of the total scholarship value); teacher training costs (maximum 5% of the total scholarship value); equipment and software (minimum 20% – maximum 25% of the total value of the grant); expenses for minor renovations and furniture (maximum 10% of the total value of the grant); expenditure on goods and services, including the provision of a hot meal (maximum 35% of the total grant value); and expenses of subsidies, aids, prizes (maximum 10% of the total value of the subsidy).

The national school dropout reduction program is funded under the country’s recovery and resilience programme. It is aimed at public schools in disadvantaged areas with a medium and high risk of school dropout.

In 2021, 15.3% of young Romanians aged 18-24 in the EU were early school and training dropouts, according to Eurostat data. In the EU, the average was 9.7%.

Early leavers are those who have completed at most lower secondary education and who do not continue in education or training.

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