Romanian Ministry of Education bans schools from using auxiliary textbooks

The Romanian Ministry of Education has sent a note to school inspectorates throughout the country prohibiting the use of auxiliary textbooks that have not been approved by the state.

If schools do not comply with the obligation, the ministry “reserves the right to inform the competent state bodies”, according to the note quoted by

The note was sent in the context of a catastrophic return to school. The Ministry of Education wanted to change the textbooks used in previous years and introduce new ones, but failed to complete public tenders to acquire the new textbooks. So the students started school without any books.

The ministry has drawn up a 300-page compendium for all classes, including Romanian, mathematics or history, which is to be used in the following period.

A teacher released an open-source alternative school book for Romanian classes earlier this week, which has been hugely popular on social media. However, this textbook is not legal based on the ministry note.

In late August, Education Minister Liviu Pop said that private publishing houses would no longer be allowed to print school textbooks and sell them to the state. The public publisher Editura Didactica si Pedagogica (Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House) will instead have a monopoly on the printing of textbooks.

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Helen D. Jessen