Romania’s education minister will resign unless he has a fair budget this year

Romania’s Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu has hinted that he plans to quit unless his ministry receives a bigger budget than last year.

The ministry’s budget and funds for education at large are expected to be larger in absolute terms than last year, he said.

“It’s a minimum. Unless it is provided, there will be another Minister of Education, who will be able to solve problems without financial resources,” Sorin Cîmpeanu told DcNews, reported.

The statements came amid growing tensions between ruling coalition partners over 2021 budget planning.

On top of that, Minister Cimpeanu might have been angered by the change in vaccination strategy which could impact schools – namely that teachers are not included among the “essential workers” vaccinated in the second stage of countryside.

“We have agreed with the vaccination campaign coordinator that from the second half of this month, education personnel will have priority in the vaccination process,” said Cimpeanu – soon to be contradicted by those responsible for vaccination, reported

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(Photo source: Facebook/Ministerul Educatiei)

Helen D. Jessen