Romania’s new education minister puts education bill on hold

New Education Minister Ligia Deca has announced that she has agreed with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca to postpone the vote on education bills for a few weeks, in order to review the 9,000 amendments and take into account recommendations received from stakeholders.

She confirmed that the drafts would undergo changes after going through a public debate.

“Following the public debate process, a series of observations, comments and discussions took place. The final forms will include these comments,” the minister explained, according to Agerpres.

If that happens, the drafts will undergo a drastic review and are unlikely to be ready within two weeks.

On the sensitive subject of academic integrity, she admitted that laws should include filters such as those currently in place (namely the CNATDCU) – proposed to be dismantled under the draft signed by experts under the direction of former Minister Sorin Campeanu.

In an attempt to save his flagship project, “educated Romania”, President Klaus Iohannis appointed his adviser Ligia Deca as the new education minister on October 3. Deca (40) thus replaced Cimpeanu, who resigned after long civil society protests that actually began before his appointment in 2020.

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(Photo source: Inquam Photos/Sabin Cirstoveanu)

Helen D. Jessen