Seminar for teachers of the Orthodox religious education course in Salzburg

On Friday, May 20, 2022, Metropolitan Arsenios of Austria, as President of the Directorate of Education for Orthodox Religious Education, visited Salzburg where he inaugurated the new offices of the local consultant of the Directorate of education for the Orthodox religious education course, which were kindly provided by the local school administration at the Borromäum premises.

The Consultant, Mr. Paschal Archimandritis, will be based in these premises in order to coordinate the work of Orthodox teachers in the region.

After the consecration, the Metropolitan thanked Dr. Erwin Konjeci, the director of the local school, as well as the school supervisor Mag. Olivier Dantine for the friendly support and good cooperation of all school managements and underlined that the religious education course actively contributes to the transmission of the Christian faith in Austria for the benefit of young people and Austrian society in general .

At the beginning of the educational seminar, Metropolitan Arsenios addressed the participants with a pastoral greeting and presented the general framework of the topics on the agenda with spiritual speeches. Priest Associate Professor Dr. Ioan Moga’s first presentation on “Interpersonal Relationships and Sexuality: Theological Perspectives from an Orthodox Perspective” was followed by an exchange of views on the subject as part of the education course religious.

Subsequently, Dr. Auer-Crisenaz from the legal department of the Directorate of Education in Salzburg presented the basic guidelines and principles that should govern appropriate behavior during the religious education course in Austrian schools. The Metropolitan, the Consultants, the Teachers and the speakers participated in a lively discussion on the subject.

Concluding the Seminar, Metropolitan Arsenios thanked those present for their presence and active participation and underlined that he and the Consultants were at the teachers’ disposal for advice and problem solving. He also urged them to continue working with great motivation and vigor in finding excellent spiritual and educational support for students.

Helen D. Jessen