Students cannot be expelled following new education regulations

The new framework regulation for the organization and operation of pre-university education units in Romania makes it impossible to expel students from primary or secondary education, considering education up to this level as a constitutional right.

Expulsion is the most severe penalty a student can face in the Romanian education system, usually applied for serious offenses or misconduct. Students who skip more than a third of study hours in a school year without justification could also be expelled. A student could be expelled only for the current school year with the possibility of enrolling in the same school the following year but, under extreme conditions, high school students could be banned from joining any school for 3 at 5.

The new regulations adopted by the Ministry of Education come into force at the start of the school year, on September 1 of the current year, according to Digi24. The framework makes several other changes.

The number of grades awarded annually to each student, in each subject of study, is established by the teacher, based on the number of learning units and the number of weekly hours provided for in the framework plan.

However, students will receive at least three times as many grades as there are hours allocated to a specific discipline in an average week. The semester average marks will also be replaced by a single annual average mark.

More importantly, the new regulations stipulate that students in primary or secondary education will not be expelled under any circumstances, as they have the right to education under the Constitution. This does not apply to higher education, as it is optional.

Electronic gradebooks will also be introduced in several schools as part of a pilot program. Finally, the changes include the elimination of any provision or reference allowing fundraising from parents of students. Although education is free in Romania, in many schools parents of students are asked to contribute various amounts of money to the so-called “class fund”, which is used to buy various things that teachers may need , but the school doesn’t provide for them.

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(Photo source: Sabin Cristoveanu | Inquam Photos)

Helen D. Jessen