Superbook, a tool for children’s education

TIMIȘOARA, ROMANIA — The Superbook Gospel Project continues to pique the interest of children and parents across Romania and beyond. Over the years, this project has contributed to the education of children and helped them understand the Word of God from an early age. We will find out the details in the following report.

For several years, Alfa Omega TV has been investing resources in the development of the Superbook children’s project. Thus, the younger generations can discover the Bible in an intriguing way, adapted to their age. Through modern graphics and ‘Superbook’ cartoons, Christian values ​​are taught to children.

Mirabela Dragomir, Superbook Romania project coordinator:

There are a variety of cartoons that exist in our time that our children can watch, both on Youtube, as well as on other channels. But many of them may have hidden messages, with pagan ideology that are placed in the minds of our children without them realizing it or often without the parents realizing it. I recommend Superbook because these cartoons are safe from this point of view.

Superbook is a beneficial tool in the education of children, especially at a time when violence, immorality and devaluation are promoted.

Christi Popa, prezbiter, Agape Timișoara Church:

My grandparents are the ones who taught me the first steps and look how the seed that was sown bore fruit after many years. Statistics show that teaching children from 5, 6 and 7 years old up to the age of 10 is a seed sown, and sooner or later it will bear fruit.

Valentina, Agape Timişoara Church:

I love kids and would love to be part of that generation that sows seeds and sees results later.

Ovidiu Boghian, Reșița:

It has a very important role, in many fields, even in education. Many times I saw things in her behavior that she had seen in cartoons and it helped her to behave properly, in everyday life.

Mirabela Dragomir, coordinator of the Superbook project for Romania:

We organize camps for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and placement centers. For the first time, we used Superbook cartoons to educate children.

Superbook cartoons can be viewed with family or at church. For several years, the Timișoara Christian Center and the Agape Timișoara Church have been organizing events around June 1, National Child Day.

Ramona Matei-Olariu, Timișoara Christian Center:

It is an amazing tool for children and we hope as the Church of God to use all available resources to touch the hearts of children with the principles of God, with His gospel. We are very, very excited about the Superbook project and all it has to offer.

Christi Popa, prezbiter, Agape Timișoara Church:

We are organizing the 8th edition and we are seeing fantastic growth. We started with 50-60 people and have now reached 250 people, children. I believe there is a major interest from them and from ourselves as a church. We really want to meet this need.

Ovidiu Boghian, Reșița:

We are from Reșița and I came with my wife and two children, Shiloh and Noah. We found this on the internet. My daughter saw them on the internet, she follows and looks at the Superbook a lot, she loves it. She implored us to come here, and we wanted to surprise her so we came.

Christian, Nerău, Timiş County:

My boy is very passionate about Memo and especially about the Old Testament. Thank God! He is also very interested in Moises.

Mihaela, Nerău, Timiş County:

I have seen that they are influenced in a very positive way by the messages of the cartoons and we are happy to watch them. Thank you for everything!

Cezar Dragotoniu, Dumbrăvița, Timiș County:

I think that lays the groundwork, maybe momentarily it doesn’t look like it, because they’re very excited and it’s an event where they eat candy and run around. But I think it’s about familiarizing them and establishing a good foundation.

The children participated in games, they sang and watched an episode of the Superbook.

Irina, Timisoara:

My name is Irina and I am six years old. I came with my sister who is eight years old and her name is Ale, but you can call her Alexandra. I came with my parents.

Alexander, Timisoara:

My name is Alexandra, I am eight years old, and it was about knowing how to help others, that it is important to be generous and to learn from your parents many things about the Lord Jesus.

Shiloh Boghian, Reșița:

I really like Superbook because the cartoons are very cool and I can learn a lot. My favorite character is Oana.

Rebecca, Dumbrăvița, Timiș County:

‘Adam and Eve’ is my favorite episode because I love how God drives away the serpent.

Rebecca, Nerău, Timiş County:

Thanks to cartoons, I learned how to behave, I learned to control my behavior and I learned a lot of new things.

Superbook cartoons appeal to children of all faiths and are even used in religion lessons in schools.

Mirabela Dragomir, coordinator of the Superbook project for Romania:

I know we have had comments from priests and teachers who teach Orthodox religion in schools and use Superbook cartoons in religion classes.

So far, Alfa Omega TV, in collaboration with the Christian media organization CBN, has produced four seasons each containing fifteen episodes of Superbook in Romanian and is preparing for season 5, which will consist of sixteen episodes.

Mirabela Dragomir, coordinator of the Superbook project for Romania:

In this new season, we see that Cristi and Oana have matured a bit, and see things from another angle.

For several years, Superbook has been broadcasting on television channels but also on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Mirabela Dragomir, coordinator of the Superbook project for Romania:

Right now on Facebook we have around 13,000 followers. We receive messages from children who have watched these cartoons and been touched and changed by the gospel message presented in the cartoons. On YouTube we have over 122,000 subscribers, that’s a lot, and there we have made all episodes of seasons 1 and 2 available for free.

Since the start of the project, Alfa Omega TV has collaborated with local churches in organizing evangelistic events for children.

Ramona Matei-Olariu, Timișoara Christian Center:

This collaboration is special. Every time we wanted to organize something, we received support, materials, stickers, books. In fact, they taught us everything we needed to do to make this event a success. We thank everyone who got involved from the bottom of their hearts!

Mirabela Dragomir, coordinator of the Superbook project for Romania:

You can also visit our page at and in the events section you can find out more about what a Superbook event is or you can contact via email at [email protected]

The Superbook project is aimed especially at children, is produced by CBN and developed by Alfa Omega TV in Romania since 2016.

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Helen D. Jessen