The efficiency of the Romanian health system ranked 36th out of 56 by Bloomberg

Romania fell five places in a Bloomberg global ranking of the efficiency of national health systems measured by the cost-to-expenditure ratio, being overtaken by states such as Italy, France, Greece, the Czech Republic and the UK.

However, the Romanian healthcare system is more efficient than those of Belgium, Germany, Hungary or Bulgaria. Bloomberg’s ranking based on public data for 2015 analyzes 56 economies with a population of at least 5 million, a life expectancy of at least 70 years and a gross domestic product per capita above $5,000.

The efficiency of national health systems is measured by three indicators: life expectancy, relative costs (percentage of GDP allocated to the system) and absolute expenditure (nominal cost per capita, expressed in dollars).

Romania’s healthcare system received 46 points, dropping five places, dropping to 36th position, ranking the country alongside Peru and a little lower than Slovakia (47.6 points) and Great Britain ( 46.3 points), which allocate 6.9%, respectively 9.9%. of GDP for health (between 1,108 USD and 4,356 USD per capita).

The lowest amount spent on health in Europe

Romania’s health expenditure amounts to 5% of GDP, or USD 442 per capita – the lowest amount in Europe and one of the lowest in the world. The life expectancy of people in Romania is estimated at 75 years, compared to 81 years in the United Kingdom and 76.6 years in Slovakia.

Hong Kong has the best performing healthcare system in the world with a score of 87.3 points, followed by Singapore (85.6 points) and Spain (69.3 points). Those in the top 3 each spend over US$2,200 per capita on health, and their residents’ life expectancy is over 82 years.

The top 5 countries with the most efficient health systems are completed by Italy (67.6 points) and South Korea (67.4 points). The bottom 5 countries in the ranking are Serbia (32.2 points), Russia (31.3 points), Azerbaijan (29.6 points), the United States and Bulgaria.

Helen D. Jessen