Timisoara’s Theresia bastion redeveloped ahead of the city’s European Capital of Culture year

As Timisoara gears up for the European Capital of Culture year, the city’s Theresia stronghold has undergone a RON 1.6 million facelift. Timis County Council said these were the most significant repairs to the tourist attraction in the past 12 years.

Built between 1730 and 1735, the bastion is a piece of defensive wall of the old citadel of Timisoara. According Agerpresit had already been rehabilitated in 2010 as part of a European Phare project.

As part of this new project, the natural stone paving was cleaned and repaired. The wooden pedestrian platforms were also rehabilitated and the walls were repaired. In addition, work was also carried out on the exterior plaster and paint.

“The bastion is now more attractive to tourists. In 2023, we will have a landmark worthy of a European Capital of Culture, a neat and well-developed space, as we like to see in major European cities. said Alin Nica, chairman of Timis County Council.

“We will not allow the stronghold to find itself in the same situation again. So we are emphasizing maintenance because it is much more efficient and cheaper to maintain than to repair,” he added.

Timisoara was originally scheduled to lead the European Capital of Culture program in 2021, but it was pushed back to next year due to the pandemic. The Romanian city will officially launch its mandate as European Capital of Culture from February 17 to 19, 2023.

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(Photo source: Cjtimis.ro)

Helen D. Jessen