Turn education into action at EARTHDAY.ORG’s COP27 Climate Education Hub

The United Nations Education Transformation Summit noted the important and clear intersections between the education and climate sectors. In particular, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, “If there was a seed to prevent climate changeviolent conflict or poverty, it was education.”

Next month, EARTHDAY.ORG will build on remarks from UN leaders and calls to action from youth, nonprofits, businesses, researchers and world leaders at COP 27 Climate Education Hub. The hub will be a one-of-a-kind space to foster dialogue, deliberation, and solidify integration plans for diverse actors in the education and climate sectors.

Youth declaration calls for global climate change education

Youth groups like Fridays for the Future, SOS International, TheirWorld, YOUNGO and others have taken leadership positions in the fields of education and climate activists. Ahead of the summit, UNESCO and youth organizations mobilized a global consultation of over 450,000 young people from 170 countries to create a Youth Declaration. While the declaration has 25 requirements, requirement 7 calls on “decision-makers to invest in education for sustainable development through programmes, including climate education develop the skills and knowledge needed to build resilience, mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis and ensure climate justice, as well as investing in early warning systems and resilient infrastructure to ensure safety, security and continuity of education.

Join us on the Climate Education Hub to learn how young people will continue to lobby and advocate for climate change education and justice in their countries and communities.

UNESCO Green Learning Partnership Initiative

Green education was one of seven global calls to action. The Green Education Partnership, led by UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development Sector, “aims to deliver strong, coordinated and comprehensive action that will prepare each learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes to address climate change and promote sustainable development. Early stages of the partnership included focus groups and survey responses that represent global youth perspectives. Future work will include teachers, school leaders and curriculum design.

Follow EARTHDAY.ORG and UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development at the Climate Education Hub to learn more about partnering pathways for green education.

World leaders call for climate transformation and environmental education

In a United Nations review of submitted leadership statements on education transformation, about a third of the 80 statements submitted, “Committed to integrating climate change education in curricula and efforts to ensure that school infrastructure exemplifies carbon neutrality.

On June 19, 2022, 64 world leaders stood up and verbally pledged to transform education at United Nations Headquarters. EARTHDAY.ORG reviewed and analyzed the six roundtable leaders’ statements and found that 21 (about a third) mentioned climate change or environmental education, confirming the UN’s review of written submissions.
Countries that have requested climate or environmental education are: Turkey, Guatemala, Romania, Pakistan, (roundtable 1) Colombia, Malawi, Peru, Finland, (roundtable 2) Bulgaria, Suriname, (roundtable 3) Samoa , Austria, (roundtable 4) Japan, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Solomon Islands (roundtable 5) and Andorra (roundtable 6).*

The rationale for including climate and environmental education aligned closely with the five categories of climate change discussed in the EARTHDAY.ORG review of thematic courses of action.

Join EARTHDAY.ORG at the Climate Education Hub as we meet with world leaders to act on these statements and seek additional commitments.

Turn education into climate action at COP27 Climate Education Hub

The education community is mobilizing for COP27 and ready to share their important contributions, to engage with the social, technical and environmental communities to drive meaningful climate action. Follow EARTHDAY.ORG’s COP27 agenda and global education programs, including its climate education campaign.

Helen D. Jessen