Ukrainian Ministry of Culture uses Uber to save national treasures

The National Research and Restoration Center (NRRC) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture has partnered with Uber to locate, restore and protect Ukraine’s national and cultural heritage using a customized version of the Uber app.

With many of Ukraine’s museums, religious buildings and historic sites threatened by war, NRRC’s partnership with Uber provides a lifeline for irreplaceable works of art and artifacts of importance to the country’s history and identity. .

A customized version of the Uber app, Uber Cateringallows the NRRC to request 12-passenger vehicles to transport environmentalists and specialized equipment free of charge to towns and villages across Ukraine.

Since May, NRRC has used Uber Restore to reach more than 100 locations – traveling over 20,000 km – to locate and protect tens of thousands of works of art and artifacts, while evacuating those most at risk. risk to store them in secure places.

Svitlana Strelnikova, Director of NRRC, said:The war launched by Russia against Ukraine has caused irreparable damage and destruction to the independent historical and cultural heritage of our country, including unique works of art, religious objects and historical documents on the formation and development of the Ukrainian state. The National Research and Restoration Center carries out its mission to save this heritage from continued destruction by rocket fire, artillery fire and other attacks. Our partnership with Uber has yielded remarkably positive results, enabling our experts to already reach over 100 cultural and historical sites, many in formerly occupied territories that have suffered significant destruction, and to preserve the unique cultural heritage and independent identity of the Ukrainian people.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, said: “We are proud to support Ukraine in its efforts to protect the country’s cultural heritage which is threatened by this devastating war. Using a customized version of the Uber app, we’re enabling conservationists to carry out their essential work to protect Ukraine’s national identity, with free on-demand access to safe and reliable means of transport.

Along with the launch of Uber Restore, Uber has been working around the clock to provide support in Ukraine for the past six months.

The company provided free trips to refugees, doctors, nurses, blood donors, local officials and NGOs across Ukraine. In partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, Uber helped provide emergency food aid to communities in dire need. In Lviv, the company launched the Uber Connect & Van service with a special promotional code to donate goods to internally displaced people. Together with the charity Nova Ukraine, Uber has joined the Liki24 initiative, which allows people who cannot buy drugs at full price to receive 50% compensation for the drugs purchased; as part of this initiative, Uber provided promotional codes for free delivery of orders through the Uber Connect service. Uber has also launched a joint initiative with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Kyiv-based charity “Soloma Cats” to provide free rides to nearly 100 medical facilities across Ukraine for reliable and safe transportation of personnel. medical.

In total, the company has raised more than US$3.5 million for humanitarian relief in Ukraine globally, of which more than US$1 million has been matched by Uber. Since the start of the large-scale invasion, Uber has expanded essential transportation services to 12 additional cities.

Helen D. Jessen