Upgrade Education: What are the preferred specializations of future students abroad?

Romanian students who wish to study at universities abroad choose as their first options fields such as computer science, economics, law, psychology, medicine and engineering, according to data extracted from Upgrade Education, educational consulting firm.

The most popular destination is the Netherlands – for economic reasons.

“Students are considering an EU university as a back-up plan, in case they are not admitted to the US, or due to lower spending costs. After Brexit, very few see the UK as a viable option, with many turning to European universities, where tuition is either cheap or free, like in the Netherlands. Other accessible countries are the Nordic countries or Germany. Many graduates want to return home after college, especially those studying business want to do so to start a business. States Tinu Bosînceanufounder and mentor of Upgrade Education.

The company supports students with extraordinary results: after a competition finalized in March, 7 international and national Olympians in various subjects received full scholarships from Upgrade Education to apply to top universities in the United States, and 5 others received scholarships at 50% reduction.

Upgrade University Summit – between 2n/a and 3rd April, online

To answer questions from students and parents about studying abroad, the company will organize the third edition of the Upgrade University Summit on April 2 and 3. The event will take place online, for free – http://upgrade.education/upgrade-university-summit-2022/?utm_campaign=summit-april-2022&utm_source=Presa.

An important reason behind organizing the new edition is that, despite the pandemic, the number of students who have chosen to study abroad is still high, and awareness is very valuable when it comes to choose the right high-level faculty.

At this year’s edition of the Upgrade University Summit, Cambridge University, NYE Abu Dhabi, Johns Hopkins University, University of Warwick, University of Amsterdam, Jacobs University and representatives and Bocconi University staff have confirmed their attendance.

Guest mentors, Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford alumni, will support presentations to develop practical skills, specific to the necessary challenges imposed to access study abroad.

“We hope to respond during this summit to all the curiosities of students and parents concerning the preparation and selection for university studies abroad. When applying, students expect the university to provide them with a broad career opening, a diverse environment, and a high-level education. Parents are interested that the university is reputable and qualitative, they are interested in opportunities after studies and that the child is happy, doing what he loves”, adds Tinu Bosînceanu.

The Biggest Education Myth

The founder of Upgrade Education thinks the biggest myth about education is that the field you study in college is the same one you’ll teach all your life.

“We tell a lot of students to choose the field that interests them, that excites them because there will be opportunities. Especially since it’s hard to predict what the job market will look like in 5-10 years, many of the jobs these kids are applying for may not even exist today,” explains the founder of Upgrade Education.

Nearly 600 students have been advised to access studies abroad thanks to Upgrade Education since the company was founded in 2017.

Of all students with average scores above 8 who have applied to Upgrade Education since grade 10, 84% have reached the top 100 global faculties.

Helen D. Jessen